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Yoga for Weight Loss Dublin – How Yoga Can Help You to Lose Weight

We all know that Yoga among many other benefits like, making you stronger, flexible and vigorous, reduce stress, improving your body and mind in general and the list goes on and on… But the question is..will yoga can help us to lose weight?...


Yoga is widely known as a philosophy that has a part that deal with the physical body. And there’s a lots of ways you can use Yoga to lose weight with asanas. So the answer to the question above is: Yes, you can use yoga for weight loss.


A resent study shows that practicing yoga and meditation reduce stress and therefore increases sensitivity to insulin, hence your body will burn the fat instead of storing it for later. In the yoga for weight loss in Dublin program we will show you exactly how to lose weight and reduce stress through yoga and meditation while you firm your tights, strengthen your legs arms and shoulders. You will see results within 3 weeks.


A nyone who tells you you will start losing weight today is lying. Yes you may lose weight, but don’t get confused with  lose weight with loosing fat. Stop drinking water and you will lose weight.  You don’t want to do that. That’s harmful for your health. What you want to do is burn fat. That’s achievable only if you are willing to do yoga exercise and eat well and drink enough water. Don’t worry if you don’t get that now. We will explain it to you. Just contact us if you are interested.


Stress is very important factor in whether you want to lose weight. Often people don’t realise it. Stress cause a havoc in our bodies and minds and one of the affected factors is our metabolism. When we are stressed our metabolism suffers and because of that we retain more calories and calories retained become fat. Having said that I want to mention that if you enter your name and email above you will be able to get a stress relieve meditation which is included in the Free Yoga & Meditation program. So meditation will also helps you to lose weight with yoga. But not only that, meditation has a lot more benefits which you can see if you go to our meditation in Dublin page.


Anyway not every yoga workout will give the same results what comes to yoga for weight loss. There are some yoga programs and styles that are more intense and other not so much. That depends of many factors. Depends of what you want to achieve, in how long, what is your age, what is your current physical level, what when and how do you eat and how much you are willing to work.


Nevertheless in Yoga Dublin will tailor the yoga workout exactly to your needs as we know that every person has its individual needs and possibilities. So if you really want to lose weight and do it at the safest and painless way possible. If you are interested fill the form above and you can get started today.