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We made this website especially for the yoga lovers in Dublin and for al those who live in Dublin and want to benefit from yoga and meditation. Here you can find a yoga teacher and yoga studio near to your home in just 5 minutes so you donty have to look around anymore and start from tomorrow. You can find a yoga classes in Dublin in your area HERE.

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You can choose and find a yoga studio in your area here


We offer yoga classes every day contact us here and ask for the hours suit you the most

Yoga Dublin – Alithea

Mobhi Court N 19

Dublin, Co. Dublin

087 176 3611


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Yoga Dublin – Take Advantage from the Real Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga Dublin – More and more Dubliners are turning to a Yoga practice in order to improve their lifestyle y health. Yoga can very rapidly solve any imbalance in the body and improve your its performance among many other health benefits! Whether you already practice some sport or not the mind-body connection in Yoga will help you gain more flexibility, strength, muscle tone, body awareness, reduce stress and prevent pain! In Yoga Dublin you will be able to enjoy the benefits of breathing techniques. The breathing Yoga techniques are often ignored by many Yoga practitioners. Yoga is breathing exercise. Correct breathing helps the integration of mind body and spirit. Also correct breathing will helps you build stamina and endurance for your body, it will help you stay focused, aware and concentrated at any time. It sharpens your mind and intuition.
  • learn in Yoga Dublin, are much more beneficial for you than a regular gym workout. The Yoga poses in yoga helps to build a strong lean muscles through the different types of stretching and contractions of these poses and movements. The Yoga poses or asanas act as a form of resistance training, which is much more effective and less likely prone to injury than a normal gym workout. And not to talk about to the spiritual benefits! Unlikely form a regular gym workout, Yoga can be practiced and enjoyed outdoors without having to bring heavy equipment. All you need is a shiny day, calm mind and a Yoga mat. Imagine doing yoga exercises by a sunny beach with the sound of waves in the background, in a green Dublin park with beautiful flowers, chant of the birds, a great view and fresh air…

    See our Outdoor Yoga Dublin classes, Click Here ==>
  • Regular Yoga classes in Dublin will helps you be more flexible, strong and gain peace of mind. I would say reduce stress, but you know, if you practice Yoga in Dublin seriously, you can eliminate stress completely from your life. Stress is the plague of the XXI Century so here you have the solution. This is done through breathing exercises and meditation. Don’t forget that Yoga is not just stretching. And if you practice any other type of sport you can benefit from Yoga too! Athletes in sports field such as tennis and golf will notice improvements in their swing as a result of this flexibility of the muscles and joints. In any given sport, the addition of yoga as a supplementary routine training has been known to improve the performance of the athletes.
  • If you have any imbalance in your body, that will lead soon or late to a disease. So its very important for you to prevent that as soon as possible. Practice Yoga Dublin and will be able to fix this imbalance and help to develop your muscles in the Yoga poses we will teach you. Yoga is also very effective in recovering the body from previous hard work or workouts. If you are an athlete or a hard worker Yoga Dublin is your way to go. There are Yoga asanas that helps the body recover from any fatigue and release accumulate tensions and stress.
  • Also the Yoga poses (Asanas) in Yoga can be done in a low or high intensity workout and adjusted to the persons needs. After all, Yoga is not only will bring you more strength, balance and flexibility to your body, but also will brings you more alertness, attention and focus that is so much needed in today’s very competitive world. Our highly qualified and inspirational team delivers classes to suit every individual need, for Yoga & Meditation... all of which promotes overall health, confidence, happiness and peace! Our services don't run only from a studio - we provide them in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, garden or school.... achieving greater results and saving you an extra bit of precious time. We look forward to working with you.