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Tips For Choosing The Best Hot Yoga Mat.

Yoga is a quiet and sophisticated mode of exercising that aims at nourishing the mind. Hot yoga is one branch of yoga that takes place in a room with high temperatures or under the sun. You can either work alongside other people or alone at the comfort of your home. Yoga mats come in different sizes, shapes and designs to meet all the needs and preferences available. Whether you are just a beginner or have the experience, selecting yoga mats can be a tedious process. For the case of hot yoga, below are some tips you can use to ensure you have a comfortable time when working out.


When engaging in hot yoga, you will start sweating; thus, your clothes will get soaked up and make the mat wet. A poor choice of the yoga mat can cause you to slide or slip, and in the worst-case scenario, you can get an injury. Therefore the first factor you should look out for in such mats is the grip. The primary determinant of the amount of grip you will get is the materials used for production. Ensure it has a rubber lining at the bottom to prevent it from moving while you are on it. The top part should have a microfiber fitting in the form of a towel to provide a comfortable contact for your body and also absorb sweat. Such characteristics guarantee that the mat will stay in place despite the kind of movements you will make.


The weight of a hot yoga mat determines the amount of comfort you get when working out. Choosing a design that is too thin will expose your knees to injuries when bending due to minimal distance between you and the floor. Still, an exceptionally thick model will not give a real feel to the ground. Therefore, choose a type that has an average thickness of about an eighth of an inch. However, there can be exceptions for you in case you have health-related issues on your knees. You can opt for a thicker mat to avoid exposing yourself to more risks. One advantage of choosing an averagely sized yoga mat is that you can always carry it alongside any other items you might have since it is not bulky.

Be Ready To Spend.

Just like any other item, what you spend is what you get. The hot yoga mats come in very many designs hence a wide variation in pricing. Some are quite affordable, while their counterparts are costly. Most people prefer not to invest a lot because they only spend limited time on them. However, if you’re into hot yoga, you have no option but to pay a considerable amount for you to get a good quality mat. Using a low-quality design during this activity will expose you to many risks and also present destructions; thus, you will not concentrate. You will be sliding all through, and after two or three sessions, the mat will wear out. However, choosing an efficient model guarantees your safety all through the process. Also, it eliminates the chances of making frequent purchases since it is suitable to withstand the conditions that come with hot yoga.

Look Out For Alignment Marks.

The best kind of mat for hot yoga are the ones with patterns or marks and not the types that are smooth all through. With such markings, you have a guarantee of more stability in any position. You can shift from one posture to another very smoothly, without any worries. For a wide range of yoga mats that are carefully aligned simply visit – Yoga Mats in Ireland.

Using the tips mentioned above, you will end up with an efficient hot yoga mat that will result in enjoyable yoga sessions.

Welcome to Yoga Dublin

Welcome to Yoga Dublin

Yoga is manna for the body and mind. If you’re feeling tight whether mentally or physically maybe you just need to loosen yourself out with some therapeutic yoga poses or asanas that will get the breathe moving in your body, improve your focus and calm your mind.

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but it is for everyone that understands that taking some time for yourself is a remedy in itself. See you soon!